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Related post: system of self-regulation, which applies age ratings to games, is working properly. Mrs Clinton accused video games of "stealing the innocence of our children" and "making the difficult job of being a parent Purchase Levodopa Online even harder". As a result of the furore, "Grand Theft Auto" had its rating in America changed--from "M" for mature (over-17s only) to "AO" for adults only (over-18s)--by the industry's rating board. But Purchase Levodopa since most big retailers refuse to stock "AO" titles, of which very few exist, Rockstar Games, the maker of "Grand Theft Auto", is producing a new "M"-rated version without the hidden sexual material. This is merely the latest round in a long-running fight. Before the current fuss over "Grand Theft Auto", politicians and lobby groups were getting worked up over "Narc", a game that depicts drug-taking, and "25 to Life", another urban cops-and-robbers game. Ironically, the "Grand Theft Auto" episode has re-ignited the debate over the impact of video games, just as Buy Levodopa Online the industry is preparing to launch its biggest-ever marketing blitz to accompany Buy Cheap Levodopa the introduction of its new consoles. Amid all the arguments about the minutiae of rating systems, the unlocking of hidden content, and the stealing of children's innocence, however, three important factors are generally overlooked: that attitudes to Levodopa Online gaming are marked by a generational divide; that there is no convincing evidence that games make people violent; and that games have great potential in education. Start with the demographics. Attitudes towards gaming depend to a great extent on age. In America, for example, half of the population plays computer or video games. However most players are under 40--according to Nielsen, a market-research firm, 76% of them--while most critics of gaming are over 40. An entire generation that began gaming as children has kept playing. The average age of American gamers is 30. Most are "digital natives" who grew up surrounded by technology, argues Marc Prensky of games2train, a firm that promotes the educational use of games. He describes older people as "digital immigrants" who, like newcomers anywhere, have had to adapt in various ways to their new digital surroundings. Just getting by in a foreign land without some grasp of the local language is difficult, says Mr Prensky. Digital immigrants have had to learn to use technologies such as the internet and mobile phones. But relatively few of them have embraced video games. The word "game" itself also confuses matters, since it evokes childish playthings. "What they don't understand, because they've never played them, is that these are complex games, which take 30, 40 or 100 hours to complete," says Mr Prensky. Games are, in fact, played mainly by young adults. Only a third of gamers are under 18. "It's just a generational divide," says Gerhard Florin, the European boss of Electronic Arts, the world's biggest games publisher. "It's people not knowing what they are talking about, because they have never played a game, accusing millions of gamers of being zombies or violent." Digital natives who have played video games since childhood already regard them as a form of entertainment on a par with films and music. Older digital natives now have children of their own and enjoy playing video games with them. The gaming industry is trying to address the generational divide. It is producing games designed to appeal to non-gamers and encouraging casual gamers (who may occasionally play simple web-based games, or games on mobile phones) to play more. This has led to the development of games with a Levodopa Mg wider appeal. Some of them replace the usual control pad with novel input devices: microphones for singing games, cameras for dancing and Levodopa Price action games, and even drums. In addition, the industry has started to cater more to women, who seem to prefer social simulation games such as "The Sims", and to older people, who Levodopa Tablets (if they play games at all) often prefer computerised versions of card games and board games. Other promising avenues include portable gaming, mobile gaming and online downloads of simple games. Many people enjoy gaming, but do not necessarily want to commit themselves to an epic quest that will take dozens of hours to complete. The industry, in Order Levodopa Online short, is doing its best to broaden gaming's appeal, which is of course in its own best interests. For the time being, however, the demographic divide persists, and it does much to explain
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